Peter Schiff says he's lost his bitcoin after wallet ...

/r/Anarcho_Capitalism's Best of 2013 Award Winners

The votes are in and the winners shall be revealed!
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Best YouTube Clip- Patri Friedman destroys democracy in two minutes
Description- Patri Friedman is renowned for his work in seasteading, and in this speech at Mises Brazil, he provides a compelling argument against democracy that all ancaps should keep in their repertoire. Its only two minutes, but certainly thought provoking. NOTE: Patri's speech did not take place in 2013, but it was submitted to this sub in 2013
Best Comment- YesYeLibertarians comment on "How would Libertarians Deal With X"
Description- Tired of getting questions from newbies like "How would a libertarian society deal with x if y?", YesYesLibertarians puts an end to all the questions by laying down some truth.
Best Book/Paper- The Problem of Political Authority by Michael Huemer
Description- Although this book featured controversy as to whether or not it was written/published in 2013, it publishing date was close enough to 2013, and it got an overwhelming number of upvotes. I have not personally read it (I know, I know), so it's hard for me to give a description, but I've heard its fantastic and you (and I) should read it.
Redditor of the Year- throwaway-o
Description- The award is given to this magnificent man "for defending bitcoin from threats to it's fungibility, neutrality and decentralization. Particular from Coin Validation but also generally by debating statists in /Bitcoin and other subreddits."
Biggest Advancement within the cause of Liberty- Cody Wilson's Liberator
Description- 3D printed guns went from fantasy to reality when Defense Distributed, a 3D printing firm notorious for designing weapons and weapon parts, successfully designed a .cad file with all the necessary parts for a fully operational printed handgun. It's badass, and scares the shit out of our government, so much so that they took the file down, but not after thousands of people had secured it, copied it, and shared it around the world. 2013 was truly the "Dawn of the Wiki Weapons".
Best Quote- Jeffrey Tucker's elevator pitch for Liberty
Description- Asked what his elevator pitch for liberty would be in a recent AMA, Jeffrey Tucker, arguably the most lovable figure in the liberty movement, replied with a magnificent answer, which ended in this great quote.
Funniest Video- Libertarian Taxi
Description- Well constructed sneer at a libertarian fanatic pretending to live in a libertarian world despite the surrounding state.
Person of the Year AND Most Important Piece of News- Edward Snowden and his leaks
Description- Huge on the news this year, Snowden leaked (and is continuing to leak) thousands of classified documents detailing the NSA's mass surveillance program on the entire globe. Truly a freedom fighter and we wish him the best of luck in 2014 in continuing to dodge the US's prosecution.
Best Speech- Thaddeus Russell "Renegade History of the United States"
Description- At New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2013, historian Thaddeus Russell lays down a history of the United States rarely told, outlining how many of our freedoms come from rebels, prostitutes, outlaws, and slackers.
Funniest Comment- A non-hierarchical egalitarian workers commune sets up on a plot of pristine land that is absentee-owned by a propertarian.
Description- Hilarious response to hilarious ancap joke. Good laughs all around.
Best Flair- RonaldMcPaul
Description- "AnarchoCapitalism- The best excuse for not wanting to get married"
Best Debate- Thanquee vs his classmates
Description- Young (British?) Ancap debating anarchy with his classmates. Awesome work, clearly provoked his classmates' thoughts. His thread can be found here.
Best Radio Show- Tom Woods Show
Description- "After outshining Peter Schiff every time he guest hosted Peter Schiff's show, Tom Woods finally got his own show this year (and it's great)."
Funniest Image/GIF- Stefan Molyneux Dancing
Description- Hilarity. Here's one with sound, too
That's all folks! Here's to making 2014 even better than 2013!
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Regarding the "Bitcoin and Magical Thinking" blog post spotlighted on Techmeme today - The network, the infrastructure, and the community behind it is hardly a "magical thought."

I'm referring to this post, which a Bitcoin-opposing friend just sent to me with the subject line, "An damning indictment" -
I responded with this:
The network, the infrastructure, and the community behind Bitcoin is hardly a "magical thought" (Here's the definition of that concept from contemporary Western psychology:
Two weeks ago, there was very good debate about Bitcoin -
Ultimate Bitcoin Showdown - Posted Dec 2, 2013 - [30:14] - Goldbug/dollar-skeptic Peter Schiff vs. Erik Voorhees, Bitcoin entrepreneur formerly of BitInstant (, now of Coinapult ( -
I'll post the link to the full video below, but I first want to quote from it:
As Voorhees says, gold-backed digital curencies have been attempted and were then quickly shut down by the gov't. He later says (at 9:20), "[Bitcoin] could absolutely go to zero and the whole thing is completely experimental right now. So I'm not here to say that Bitcoin is a good investment. What I'm here to say is that the Bitcoin payment network is one of the most important technologies that has ever been invented, and it's important to understand that there is value in that technology [and] it's important to understand why that technology is so useful to people, especially people who care about liberty around the world." And he explains later that this infrastructure cannot be reproduced easily...even if Bitcoin is not the winner of the crypto-currency market competition. He also compares the hardy vitality of P2P currencies to that of P2P file-sharing. The free, independent Napster file-sharing service was launched in June of 1999 an rocketed to popularity, but the shutdown of it in July of 2001 was not exactly the end of free P2P music-sharing... In fact, just going by the services that I can just recall fellow college students using at the time, there was:
SoulSeek (launched in 1999/2000)
Gnutella (early 2000)
BearShare (December 2000)
Morpheus (2001)
Kazaa (March 2001), and
LimeWire (May 2000).
And of course there are the file-sharing services that are popular today, from Dropbox to these:
to these:
Now. As far as digital crypto-currencies today, there's Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Quark, Protoshares, Worldcoin, Megacoin, Primecoin, and Dogecoin, and dozens other listed here, totaling in 54:
The point that Voorhees makes about the pooled inventiveness and ingenuity of the crowd reminds me of something both revolutionary and prophetic that was said by John Gilmore (an American computer science innovator, Libertarian, Internet activist, and one of the founders of Electronic Frontier Foundation). He said:
"The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."
-As quoted in TIME magazine (6 December 1993) (yes, 1993!)
Furthermore, on a separate note, the media angle that Bitcoin is practically "over" because of China blocking it (which that same friend was gloating about), here's all I have to say as well:
Here's a list of enterprises that were hardly destroyed after being banned in glorious all-powerful China:
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, WikiLeaks, and the New York Times' online edition (and a few others, named at the following links) were each NOT blasted into nonexistence by the force of "the Golden Shield Project," which we Americans call "the Great Firewall." Yup, Bitcoin is "over"!
Hey, but waddaya know - Some of the 1,350,695,000 people in The People's Republic have ways around that censorship, as do the millions of people in so many other Internet-censoring countries:

Here's the full video of the Bitcoin debate:
Edit/Follow-up: To extend the analogy of P2P digital currencies and P2P file-sharing (and most notably, music-sharing), what would be the currency equivalent of iTunes, which came ou in January 2001? Will JPMorgan's crypto-currency project (as I saw here, and it was downvoted to hell:, even though it was initially rejected 175 times, find some way to charge/surcharge people small amounts at a time for usage (a la iTunes' 99 cents per song), in traditional-bank-style?
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Peter Schiff's LIVE Bitcoin Challenge! - YouTube Bitcoin Debate Primer for Peter Schiff Peter Schiff Debates on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Gold - YouTube Bitcoin Skeptic Peter Schiff Loses His BTC The Gold vs Bitcoin Debate : Anthony Pompliano vs Peter Schiff

Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff predicted the housing crash from 2006 to 2007. But now he’s warning about a bitcoin bubble. Schiff predicted Saturday that bitcoin will crash to $3,000, while he says gold will surge to $3,000, but not before bitcoin gets there first. Here’s why Peter Schiff’s wrong this time. Peter Schiff’s […] Since all the Bitcoin in my corrupted wallet were gifted to me, it's not that great a tragedy for me that they're lost. "Easy come, easy go," is especially true for #Bitcoin. My plan was to HODL and go down with the ship anyway. The difference is that my ship sank before Bitcoin. — Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) January 19, 2020 It looks like there's a debate today, moderated by Tone Vays! That's one of the links that's ready before it… by full-measure That's one of the links that's ready before it… by full-measure Peter Schiff vs. Bitcoin 😲 — Hive Bitcoin will make Peter Schiff’s gold arguments redundant if there is just a 1% chance it will succeed, Anthony Pompliano has told mainstream media. ‘You will be kicking yourself forever' In a hotly-awaited debate with gold bug Schiff on CNBC Africa July 31, the Morgan Creek Digital co-founder took the opportunity to talk about a Bitcoin future. Featured Sponsored Links At the hour and twenty four minute mark, slightly more than half way in their time together, famed bitcoin (BTC) skeptic Peter Schiff brought the conversation back to his favorite foil: cryptocurrencies are bunk. It was Mr. Schiff’s third appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and he took the opportunity to ...

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Peter Schiff's LIVE Bitcoin Challenge! - YouTube

Bitcoin critic and famous crypto skeptic and gold bug Peter Schiff claimed on Twitter that he has lost access to his Bitcoin wallet and that his password is no longer valid. Peter Schiff added ... On July 2, 2018, Reason and The Soho Forum hosted a debate between Erik Voorhees, the CEO of ShapeShift, and Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist of... Peter Schiff and Max Keiser debate Gold vs. Bitcoin at the Nexus Conference in Aspen, Colorado September 22nd 2017. Open your Goldmoney account today: https:... Bitcoin debate at Las Vegas Freedom Fest featuring Jeffrey Tucker, Peter Schiff, Gary Smith, and Anthem Blanchard. Naomi Brockwell as the moderator. Topic: B... Peter Schiff Debates bitcoin bubble, bitcash, Litecoin, Ether, gold, dollar, market, blockchain, satoshi, crypto and cryptocurrency, Inflation, on RT Decembe...